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December 12th, 2012 | filed in News

No ACEN or Anime Boston in 2013

As I mentioned in the previous post, burying the lead, I’m clearing my convention calendar for the near term until I’m ready to put out Part Four in book form. This means I won’t be attending many of my usual shows in 2013, including Anime Central and Anime Boston in the spring.

This is a painful decision, because I’ve attended ACEN since 2004 without fail, but it’s getting to the point where it doesn’t make sense to go when I don’t have anything new to promote. It’s possible I’ll have the book finished by the time May rolls around, but there’s no guarantee of that. It might be working its way back from the printer. Or I may still be touching up the artwork and getting it ready to send off. Either way, it makes more sense to figure out my touring schedule after I’ve finished the book, not before.

So, if you don’t see me at the usual conventions next year, it’s not because I’m dead or have fallen off the map. I’m just taking a break and gathering my energy so I can make a strong return.

November 26th, 2012 | filed in News

Back from the Emerald Isle!

Just wanted to drop y’all a quick note that I’m back from my trip to Ireland, feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. It was beautiful and we played music almost nonstop. We toured the west coast, attending the Ennis Trad Fest in Clare, then went up to Galway for another music gathering, and finally finished up in Killarney to do some site-seeing in Kerry. We met so many wonderful people, and was an energizing experience. I’ll see about posting some more pictures soon.

I’m happy to report I’m also in good health, and itching to get back to the drawing desk. I’ve just about finished pencilling the first half of the next scene, and will be moving on to inks soon. Not certain on an exact post date for it yet, but something to the effect of “real soon now.” I’ll give you a more accurate report once I’m back in it for a few days.

Thanks for all your patience!

October 11th, 2012 | filed in News

Huntington Bound

Travelling in Ohio this week, spending some time with family on the eve of Tsubasacon this weekend. This is my first full-length show since the injury, so I’m thinking of it as my official return to the world. I’m especially looking forward to running some of my favorite workshops this weekend:

How to Draw & Use Backgrounds in Comics & Manga
Friday, 4:30pm – Panel Rm 1

The Process: How to Draw Comics & Manga
Saturday, 2:00pm – Panel Rm 1

How to Draw People & Characters
Sunday, 10:30am – Panel Rm 1

Of course, I’ll also be exhibiting my comics and artwork in person as well. If you plan to be at the show, don’t be afraid to come up and chat. I’m always happy to meet my readers and answer any questions you have.