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January 11th, 2012 | filed in News

Guest Appearances: A-Kon & Anime St. Louis

It’s official! I’ll be appearing as a guest at this year’s A-Kon in Dallas, June 1st through 3rd. This is my first time down, and I’m super excited to go since I’ve wanted to make it to A-Kon for years.

I’m also thrilled to announce I’ll be returning to Anime St. Louis again this year on April 20th to the 22nd. They put on a fantastic little show, and you should come check it out.

I’ll be doing workshops and panels, and I’ll be delighted to talk art and process with anyone who’s interested in learning how to improve their drawing skills. So, if you’re in Texas, St. Louis or surrounds, give it a look-see and come out and join the fun!

July 21st, 2011 | filed in News

Update: San Diego, I am here.


Look for this, and you shall find.

October 26th, 2010 | filed in News

Up next: MangaNEXT!


I’m headed down to East Brunswick, New Jersey this weekend for my exciting guest appearance at MangaNEXT! I’m really looking forward this show, and getting a chance to catch up with my buddy Lea Hernandez, manga creator extraordinaire. I also hear rumors that there will be another Super Art Fight going on! Breaking News UPDATE! I will be IN the Super Art Fight!

I’ll also be heading up two panels, too!

The Importance of Setting in Storytelling: Friday 8:00-9:30pm – Could also be called “How I use backgrounds in my comics.” I’ll be going over why setting and using backgrounds can produce a powerful effect in storytelling, and the techniques I use to create all these crazy backgrounds here in Paradigm Shift.

SUPER ART FIGHT! Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm – BE THERE!

The Business of Art & Comics: Saturday 4:00-5:30pm – I’ve been making a living as a working artist for over 10 years now, and after so long in the trenches you’re bound to pick up a thing or three on how to survive. I’ll be covering the stuff they didn’t teach you in art school on how to make it out here in the cold, indifferent Real World™, and how you can make it, too!

So, come on out and join in the fun. It’s Halloween, so you never know what might happen. Mwu ha ha ha ha!