Author's Notes:

So. The keen-eyed may notice some subtle changes to the beginning of the book. I did, in fact, pull a George Lucas. After deciding return to and complete Volume Four, I knew the biggest thing keeping me from the book was the fact I was not satisfied with the artwork in the first fifty pages of the story. Coupled with my decision to finish the book digitally, I resolved to re-ink these pages digitally to bring them closer to look of the later pages.

Now, Dear Reader, while this may seem insane (I can hear some of you now—”Why didn’t he just give us more new story?!?!”), the truth is I did not have the story and script for the end of book worked out yet at this point. I also hadn’t drawn any new comic pages for quite some time, so I figured this would give me a chance to get used to working with a brand new digital process. And lastly, at that point I wasn’t entirely convinced I wanted to put anything on the web at all. So, while I tinkered with the story, nailed down the revised scripts, and started thumbnailing the end of the book, I happily re-inked these pages.

As far I am concerned, it was time well spent. Enjoy!

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