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I’m embarrassed to admit that happened to my mail more than a few times in my old apartment. The junk mail was ever-present.

Kate must have a friend at her old address who knew where she moved.

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5 Responses to “Page 88”

  1. Victor says:

    The crazy thing is. I don’t remember you revealing the fact that kate had moved. If you did, then I just forgot then…. :P

    • Draconis says:

      Show me one person her age that hasn’t moved at least once (out of her parent’s) ;)
      Aside of that, I didn’t know either o.o

  2. Rumour says:

    who is her family??? surely she would’ve told them she was shot or something…

    • Sutskoen says:

      This might surprise you, but not everyone feel it’s necessary to tell their parents everything.
      No reason to let them worry, after the fact, about a trip to the hospital

  3. Crestlinger says:

    Especially with no mark to prove it.

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