Author's Notes:

Anyone familiar with “The Man Eaters of Tsavo” or especially the movie, The Ghost in the Darkness, may be surprised by the size of the specimens on display. They are only average size, not the monsters one might expect.

Dr. Patterson is named after Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, who oversaw the construction of the railway that these lions plagued, but the character is a composite of the researchers involved with the Tsavo Research Program at the Museum. Coincidentally, one them is also named Patterson!

Interestingly, just a few weeks before this book went to press, some new research has called into question whether the lions actually ate as many people as claimed. Col. Patterson’s original account reported 135 workers killed and eaten, but based on tissue samples taken from the pelts, the total count may have been as low as 35 or perhaps as high as 75.

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