Author's Notes:

Lincoln Park stretches for about five miles along Lake Michigan from North Avenue to Hollywood Avenue. The location I chose for the final scene of the crime lies near the southern edge and affords some impressive views of the skyscrapers on the Gold Coast.

I used a selection of photos taken on a couple of trips to the park as sources for the views on this page and throughout the first half of the book.

Back in the late ’90’s, my editor Ris worked at an ad agency in Old Town and we used to meet up in the park for lunch. We often took walks here to discuss this story.

The park also lends its name to the adjoining neighborhood, one of the more upscale on the North Side, and thus is prime territory for bikers, joggers, and others seeking outdoor recreation, especially in the morning hours. At night, it’s a little less populated.

Generally, this is considered to be a “good” part of town, so a brutal killing would shake things up quite a bit.

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