Author's Notes:

These aren’t exactly the armor vests used by the Chicago Police, but I had a hard time tracking down an authentic source.

About a year after I drew this, I saw a plainclothes officer wearing one on the El. Imagine these in black with no big “POLICE” lettering and a space over the left breast for a badge. It was too late to change at that point, though.

Mike’s comment is a reference to the “Sneak and Peek” searches authorized by legislation passed since 2001. I know I play a little fast and loose with the law in this story, but it frightens me that our government seems to be doing the same these days.


Page 47

Panel One: Kate opening the trunk of the car.

Panel Two: Kate hands a bullet proof vest to Mike and pulls another from the trunk for herself.

Panel Three: Kate and Mike don their gear.

Panel Four: Kate looks unhappy and Vince is grinning.
Vince: Hey, look. She wises up.

Panel Five: Ed displays a couple pieces of paper.
Ed: One warrant, as promised. Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

Panel Six: Mike has a slightly displeased look on his face.
Mike: More like modern legislation. Used to take a lot longer than a drive across town to get one of those.

Panel Seven: Kate chambers a round in her handgun.
Kate: What’d you do, tell ‘em they were terrorists?
Ed: Heh, Right. You ready?

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