Author's Notes:

In regards to Chow’s request, I should note that it’s fall, not February.


Page 45

Panel One: Kate stalks off down the hospital hall.

Panel Two: Howard bends to bring his ear close to Chow.
Chow: Howard–
Howard: Yes?
Chow (whispering): Tell Duc-Wei to have a happy new years for me.

Panel Three: The four detectives are walking out of Cook County Hospital entrance.
Kate: That asshole’s got “expensive” written all over him. How do you ‘spose our boy can afford that?
Mike: It’s our job to find out. Iron Street… That’s near the river, right?
Ed: Yup. He gave it up too easy, though…

Panel Four: Vince grinning.
Vince: Let’s find out why. Well, ladies. It’s be fun, keep in touch, willya?

Panel Five: Kate looks annoyed.
Kate: Aw, no. You can’t waltz off after we got you this far! I don’t think so.

Panel Six: Kate and Vince are face to face arguing.
Vince: I seem to remember this ain’t yo’ case no mo’.
Kate: You’d still be playing nursemaid if you hadn’t called us.
Vince: Ooooh, you wanna play back up?
Kate: At this rate, you’re gonna need it.
Vince: Find. Just try not to get shot this time, sweets.

Panel Seven:
Kate: Ah, fuck you.
Mike: Knock it off, children.

Panel Eight:
Mike: Ed, we’ll need a warrant for this.
Ed: Piece of cake.

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