Author's Notes:

This hospital scene, with all the tubes, wires and equipment was somewhat inspired when a friend had to go to the hospital, and we went to visit him.

Thankfully he’s well, now.


Page 44

Panel One: Lawyer enters the hospital room.
Howard: Good morning detectives. Gregory Howard, esquire.

Panel Two: Howard proffers his business card.
Howard: My card.

Panel Three: Kate snatches the card from him.
Kate: Believe me– the pleasure is all yours.

Panel Four: Detectives and lawyer are standing around Chow in the hospital bed. Kate is looking away, obviously unhappy, and Vince is grinning at Kate.

Panel Five: Howard and Mike talking next to Chow.
Howard: My client agrees to give you a key piece of information in exchange for the reduction of the charges.
Mike: And that is?
Howard: An address.

Panel Six:
Newberg: Fine. But only if it’s valuable to our investigation.

Panel Seven: Howard holds out a folded piece of paper.
Howard: Then we’re agreed.

Panel Eight: Howard turns to talk to Kate, who has her back to him.
Howard: And Detective McAllister, may I take this opportunity to remind you that I do not take harassment and police brutality lightly– And neither should you.

Panel Nine: Kate faces Howard, shaking her fist and shouting at him.
Kate: Oh yeah? What about assaulting an officer?!
Howard: Good day, detective.
Kate: That bastard shot me first, prick!

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