Author's Notes:

Once again, thanks to Mrs. Tang for this wonderful calligraphy!

I contacted her at the last minute before this book went to press, and she came
through brilliantly. On the web, this scene orginally ran with Chow and Mike’s
dialogue in <
>, but now I feel it reads better with them
actually speaking Cantonese.

(Check the transcript for the translation.)


Translation from Cantonese (in italics):

Chow: YOU!?
Chow: Fucking impossible…!
Kate: Miss me? Didn’t expect to see
me so soon, didja?
Chow: Next time I make sure you’re
dead, you white whore..!

Kate: Makes more than talk to keep
me down, shithead.
Mike: That’s enough.
Mike: That’s no way to speak to a lady.
Where are your manners?

Kate: Hey!
Chow: I’ll cut your eyes out, bitch!
Chow: You speak?