Author's Notes:

This scene is my little nod to Kenichi Sonada’s Gunsmith Cats. I once promised myself I wouldn’t do a car chase in PS, but I caved.

It seems like all the SUVs around there are driven by yuppie women. At least she’s not on a cell phone. That would be illegal.

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3 Responses to “Page 21”

  1. Silverwolf says:

    She was probably twittering.

  2. Stig Hemmer says:

    Can’t have a cop story without a car chase, it is in the union rules!

  3. Kona says:

    I SO wanted to say something about how this reminded me of Gunsmith Cats, but I thought it would make me look like a manga geek or maybe it was SUPPOSED to be an omage to GC, and everybody would be all WELL DUH… Anyway, there can’t be enough Gunsmith Cats IMHO, so rock on!

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