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11 Responses to “Part One: Equilibrium”

  1. [...] first three books Part One: Equilibrium, Part Two: Agitation, and Part Three: Emergence make up what I call ACT I, which I initially [...]

  2. [...] I interviewed Dirk Tiede about the creative process behind his manga-style webcomic Paradigm Shift, which just wound up its first act—it’s an excellent time to jump in if you’re not [...]

  3. Silverwolf says:

    “This just in. Two giant detectives crushed several city blocks in Chicago today…”

  4. [...] two will be released next Sunday. If you haven’t checked out his site yet you can reach it here @ Paradigm Shift and be sure to read Christoper Woods Review [...]

  5. [...] from various doodles in the sketchbook during the first few scenes of Part One. Submit [...]

  6. [...] doodles pulled from various otherwise useless sketchbook pages, including a precursor to the final Part One cover drawing. Submit [...]

  7. [...] Paradigm Shift This comic is about Kate McAllister, a detective in Chicago, who is thrown into the world of werewolves when she and her partner investigate a series of bizarre animal maulings. Kate then begins to develop strange symptoms and powerful, frightening abilities, and realizes she may know this beast better than she could possibly dream. [...]

  8. Leslie says:

    enjoyed the whole series, so much! when is Part IV coming out?

  9. alex says:

    when i first started publishing my personal manga in my blog how to draw mangas, i thought of integrating the style of Equilibrium in it. Eventually i used my own style. Equilibrium was one of the most enjoyable movies i’ve ever watched.

  10. Joey says:

    Something is wrong, I don’t know if its my computer, or if it’s something i’m doing but i cant see the cover and many of the pages. also i have a question 2+ actually is this a comic or is it a book? if it is a book is that why their isn’t the comic part or i’m i just reading this wrong somehow? Finally is their is a correct way to read this if it is a comment if so please reply.

  11. Really good comic :) Love it, are there any new episode?

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