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Start running June 1st, 2010!

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19 Responses to “ACT II – Part Four: Flight”

  1. Kaotik4266 says:

    Whoo! New comics! *goes back to re-read the archive in preparation* :D

  2. Curtis says:

    Awesome! Only a week of waiting remains!

  3. Marlene Speranza says:

    Love the artwork for the cover. It is a nice treat to see on my birthday.

  4. saper says:

    Can’t wait till June now :)

    and the art work is incredible as always.

  5. Shame says:

    Oh God ^^
    Just 4 days more :D

  6. Steve Urkel says:

    It simply needs to be said that Kate has a rather nice behind.

  7. Crash says:

    YAY! *runs in happy circles*
    *stares at screen in anticipation*

  8. Victor says:

    I think I could see this turned into an animated cartoon someday, or at least a movie. That would be amazing to see. :D

    Unfortunately, doing so would be very difficult and costly. :(

  9. saper says:

    1h 55 min left till June 1 :D

  10. Michael Ruppert says:

    Oh man, just re-read the archive, I am geeking out for this thing.

  11. kredeker says:

    I’ve got such perfect timing! Just introduced and read the story so far in the last few days. Looking forward to the next chapter!!

  12. [...] one last thing – as I post this, to my left is an advert for Dirk Tiede’s Paradigm Shift. Just want to throw a little shout out to Dirk, who has an amazingly fun (if not OBVIOUSLY cliched) [...]

  13. The Lone Badger says:

    I’m guessing this is dead, then?

  14. The Lone Badger says:

    Oh, wait, for some reason I couldn’t navigate into Part 4 properly. Now I can. Oops.

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