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Page 43

Panel One: Chow swings around towards the door and lets off a wild burst.

Panel Two: Bullets carve up across the doorway, but Kate dodges to the right and fires several shots at him…


Panel Three: …all of which hit. Chow goes down, still firing.


Panel Four: Mike simply watches all of this, aghast.

Mike: ?!

Panel Five: Kate stands over the gangster, looking nearly possessed.

Kate: …

Panel Six: Chow lies on the floor, unconscious, blood pouring from his wounds. His Uzi lies a stone’s throw away, smoking.

Panel Seven: Mike emerges from the back, still astounded.

Mike: Kate?
Mike: How?
Mike: Are–
Mike: Are you alright?
Mike: How’d you do that?
Kate: I…

Panel Eight: Kate, looks at him, equally stunned. She’s a total mess.

Kate: I don’t know…

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