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Panel One: Kuan is talking to Kate and Mike in the restaurant.

Kuan: Look — I gotta get back to work.

But, I have a break coming up.

So, why don’t you two eat, and we can talk afterward?

Panel Two: Close-up on Kate.

Kate: Okay Mike, you’re off the hook.

What gives with Mr. Chung?

Panel Three: Mike and Kate, alone at their table.

Mike: Well, since he lives in Chinatown, he sees alot of what goes down here — just like back in Hong Kong.

Kate: Hong Kong again.

So, what did you mean by ‘training’?

Was that when you were in special forces?

Mike: Actually, no — before that. When I lived there and studied Wing Chung.

Kuan’s the son of my sifu.

Panel Four: Kate Smiling.

Kate: Someday, I’m just gonna have to get you really drunk and get you to tell me all about your ‘mysterious past’.

Life in the army: Kung Fu training in Hong Kong…

What haven’t you done?

Panel Five: Mike, grinning and gesturing.

Mike: Well, not all of us can be goddamned prodigies like you–

Ms. I-became-a-detective-my-second-year-on-the-force.

Panel Six: Kate, looking offended.

Kate: Hey!

Can I help if if I have a knack?

Besides, I’ve been your sorry-ass partner for over three years now, remember? I’m no rookie anymore.

Panel Seven: Mike, holding up finger.

Mike: I know. I know.

Still, I have to show you up now and then, right?

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