Author's Notes:

Regarding the dialogue at the bottom of the page, I’d say it’s pretty true to life. There have been several cases in Chicago where someone has been pulled over on a routine traffic stop and started running and were shot by accident. Unfortunately, if you run, they will assume you’ve done something wrong even if you haven’t.


Page 14

Panel One: Frankie reaches for the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Panel Two: Kate is waiting for him has he exits, her Glock drawn and ready.

Panel Three: She sticks the gun in Frankie’s face.

Frankie: AAH!!
Kate: End of the line, speedy! Hands in the air, please.

Panel Four: She jams the barrel up his nose as he complies. Mike appears behind them.

Mike: Nice.
Frankie: oh, shit oh, shit oh, shit

Panel Five: Kate backs Frankie against the wall. His hands are firmly behind his head.

Kate: Not smart running away like that– makes you look guilty. Mike? You two want to get aquainted?