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Page 9

Panel 1: Alfonse reaches for a chair, obviously shaken.

Alfonse: No, No–I’m clean this time, honest!

Page Background: Kate skeptically leans on the kitchen counter.

Kate: Yeah. Sure. Cross yer heart and hope to die, right?

Alfonse: sumpin’ like that…

Kate: No, really. What’s the game this time? Guns again?

Panel 2: Mike looks down at Alfonse.

Mike: Oh please don’t tell me you’ve decided to switch to crack fiends, Alfie.

Panel 3: Alfonse shrugs apologetically.

Alfonse: You guys got me all wrong. I’m legit.

Panel 4: Mike and Kate glance at each other.

Mike: Now wait–I’m confused. Just what is it you do, then?

Kate: Yes–How exactly does a sleaze-bag like you afford a fancy downtown condo?

Panel 5: Alfonse leans back, evasive.

Alfonse: You see I, uh–had this uncle and…and he, uh…died, y’know? So he left me this place, see? I mean–how could I pass this up, right?

Panel 6: Kate looks over Mike’s shoulder with her Face of Doom.

Kate: Bullshit.

Submitted by Michael Ruppert