Author's Notes:

That’s not the original Alfonse on the bottom panel. I didn’t like him the first time around, so I redrew him in my sketchbook and pasted him in over the other one.

The background in the bottom frame was also redrawn when I printed the first edition. The original drawing of the place had more in common with my suburban apartment than a Gold Coast condo.


Page 8

Panel 1: Kate knocks on 1204.


Panel 2: She peers into the peep hole.

Panel 3: Kate and Mike hold up their badges as Alfonse looks out his peep hole.

Mike and Kate: Hi Alfonse!

Panel 4: Alfonse opens the door and looks past the chain, shakin’ in his “boots”.

Alfonse: oh, no… oh man, geez…

Panel 5: Kate gets suddenly serious.

Kate: Alright. Open up.

Panel 6: Alfonse reluctantly opens up.

Alfonse: How’d you–?

Panel 7: Kate and Mike walk in, Mike attempting a horrible Russian impersonation.

Mike: Ve haf vays.

Page Background: Mike and Kate look around the apartment, Alfonse is again shakin’ in his boots.

Mike: Wow. Sure is a nice place you have here, Alfonse.

Kate: I don’t know…just the idea of you in a fancy joint like this–smells like probable cause to me.

Alfonse: You guys got nuthin’ on me…

Submitted by Michael Ruppert