Author's Notes:

I once had this exact conversation with my former roommate.


Page 7

Panel 1: (somebody) pushes the up button.

Panel 2: The elevator arrives.


Panel 3: Kate and Mike get in, heading up to twelve.

Mike: You realize how much you scare me when you use that face?

Panel 4: Kate gives Mike the “face of doom.”

Kate: Oh–You mean my ‘face of doom’?

Panel 5: Mike fakes being frightened as the elevator arrives at it’s destination.

Mike: HEY!! Don’t do that!


Panel 6: They exit into the hall, looking around.

Mike: Would you look at this place? Probably costs more a month than we make all year.

Kate: You tellin’ me you’d actually want to live here?

Panel 7: Mike and Kate head down to Alfonse’s room.

Mike: Well, no–But still, I wouldn’t mind making that kind of money.

Kate: You’re obviously in the wrong line of work.

Mike: No shit.

Panel 8: Alfonse’s door comes up on the right.

Mike: Here we are.

Panel 9: Kate nudges Mike, eager to bust in.

( Submitted by Michael Ruppert )