Author's Notes:

I actually drew this page first.

Panel One is downtown Chicago as seen from the tip of Navy Pier. The source photos for Panel Two were taken on State Street facing north towards the Chicago Theater and Marina Towers. Panel Three is the Michigan Avenue Bridge spanning the Chicago River. I originally wanted to show the Wrigley building, but I just couldn’t line up a good shot.

I got the idea to start this scene with Kate waiting on the bridge when I attended a dotcom office function in one of those ‘swanky condo’ buildings.


Page 4

Panel 1: View of downtown Chicago.

Downtown, 7:32 a.m.

Panel 2: Street view of downtown.

Panel 3: Kate, waiting against a hand rail on the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

Panel 4: Kate, again waiting.

Page Background: She glances at her watch.


{ Submitted by Michael Ruppert }