Author's Notes:

“Fifteen minutes early or an hour late.” James Wilson is mumbling about how the Chicago Transit Authority (or CTA)—the public transportation service in the city—never gets you where you need to go on time. One of my former co-workers always used to say this. Mr. Wilson is actually an amalgam of him and another friend, not that I wish either of them ill.


Page 2

Panel 1: James walks down the sidewalk.

James: Fifteen minutes early or an hour late.

Panel 2: James continues down the sidewalk.

Panel 3: James passes a track support.

James: Screw gettin’ back before three…

Panel 4: He starts to cross the street. An ominous shape appears in the foreground.

Panel 5: James takes a peek back…

Panel 6 A beastly shape leaps…

Panel 7: Wide, surprised eyes.

Panel 8: Blood splatter.

{ Submitted by Michael Ruppert}