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40 Responses to “Page 65”

  1. Keetarin says:

    First Comment!!!
    That aside, Dun Dun Duuuunnn.

  2. LolDrood says:

    Panel 4, I see what you did there. Very clever. :)

    • Ben Scott says:

      I guess I’m not clever. What did he do? :)

      • Robin Munn says:

        At first glance, it looks like Kate has pointed ears in that panel. When you take a second look, the “point” above her ears is just a lock of her hair. But it provides a visual cue that ties the panel in to the shots of pointy-eared werewolf-Bryant on the previous page.

      • idd says:

        @Robin Munn: Bryant isn’t a were-wolf. He is a were-kitty. Remember this started out with them thinking there was an escaped lion causing the problem of eviscerated bodies found all over town. I still maintain that Kate became active after taking the potentially mortal Uzi shot to the stomach.

  3. astrojensen says:

    Gentlemen, the wolf’s out of the bag.

  4. Jason says:

    Hurrah! I’m so happy Gina finally finds out Kate’s secret!

    • Mongoose says:

      and now kate can say I told you so

      • Jason says:

        What do you mean? She and Mike left without telling her. When Gina finds them, maybe she’s gonna pull a trick on them for not telling her about it.

    • TimGee250 says:

      Kate: What did I tell you, Gina? I’m just fine!

      Gina: You call THIS, “just fine!?!”

      • Jason says:

        Maybe the trick she’s gonna pull on them is that she will make JT attack them.

        Where did I get that kind of idea? Watch Drake and Josh episode, Dune Buggy, and you’ll find out.

  5. Ben Scott says:

    Panel 1: Good for Gina for not falling into the “Calling what you’re looking at ‘Impossible’ trap”.

  6. silver says:

    It’s a shame they refer to Kate as a monster, because the real monster in my view is Bryant, he’s the one who went acround ripping people apart Kate only kill was in self defence.

    • Ratcatcher says:

      The monsters are the ones who did this and are now trying to cover it up. That doesn’t make them any less dangerous though.

  7. Kevin says:

    Monsters in the world… Heh. I love it. Monster is often a loaded, moral term. Yet something such as a werewolf, so long as there’s an animal mindset in play in “monster” form, doesn’t kill out of any perverse immoral motivation. It doesn’t take joy in the slaughter (this is an action comic after all, not a horror comic!). It kills to eat or protect. So though it may attack and kill a human, its actions are arguably not “monstrous”. It’s labeled a monster because it is a predator and it is feared. It’s interesting that we as humans want to put moral labels – monster, demon, ghost – on the things we fear, even if they don’t necessarily qualify for those labels.

    (I know the word “monster” can just mean something abnormal or unusual, but the word itself tends to conjure up images of something horrific and “bad”.)

    • haiiro_okami says:

      Reminds me of a quote from The Dresden Files, “Animals kill for food, and to protect themselves or their own, not for the joy of it or the lust of it….humans do that..”-Tera West, Dresden Files #2 Fool Moon

      • W. says:

        Unfortunately this is inaccurate. Baboons go to war, felines kill for fun as well as dolphins and killer whales. Humans should hold themselves to a higher standard, but don’t think for a moment we are unique in our latent viciousness.

      • Mongoose says:

        we keep forgeting that we are animals too. Just because we we given the ability to comprihend morality dousn’t mean that things that aply to other animals don’t aply to us too

    • Mongoose says:

      your partialy right except nothing realy qualifies for those lable. Becaus there just that labels, not facts nor are they traits. In reality everything tabgible is nuetral it is only through lables created out of detail taken from sertain traits that defined things as evil, monsterous, demonic, or even good. The only problem is thes lable don’t look at the tangible object as a whole and they never paint the whole picture.

      • Daniel G says:

        Everything tangible is neutral? I beg to differ. Those “labels” you speak of may vary in accuracy, but that does not make their use invalid. They can be helpful when seeking to communicate an idea. To say that nothing qualifies for labels is akin to saying we cannot say anything at all for fear of not painting “the whole picture.”

        That said, great comic, I wonder how Kate’s colleagues will respond…

      • Mongoose says:

        the problem is those lables a relevent to the one using them some thing monsterouse to one persone, groupe or society can be good to another but in reality it’s nutral

      • Mongoose says:

        and I never sed the were invalid just that they are biased

  8. Youko says:

    Should be interesting to see what they do with this information…

    • TimGee250 says:

      Who was it that said “she will never EVER live this down?”

      “Good doggie, heel…Kate, don’t eat the perps.”

      • Mongoose says:

        I’t a dogy dog world out ther thats why you the best trained Bitch in the pack

      • Ratcatcher says:

        Kate says, “Can I just nibble, a little?”
        Mike says, “No nibble grasshopper, your mouth is too big.” Said with a small grin as she changes before the perp.
        Perp yells, “I’ll confess to anything just keep her away from me! HELP!” collapses.
        “Well Kate at least this one didn’t let the LT. yell ‘fetch’.
        Kate growls.

    • idd says:

      An upside I see is that with her extreme regenerative powers Kate’s medical bills will be pretty low unless she needs to be wormed,

  9. norm says:

    “Okay, so this guy turns into some kinda werewolf and gets snatched by a government conspiracy.”


    Hahahahahah, excellent.

  10. Mongoose says:

    That because the term refers to werewolves but there a many other were beasts are who not lycanthropes

  11. Brian says:

    I love this comic dude! or girl. lol
    how often do you update a page?

  12. Guy Campbell says:

    Okay, everyone in this comment section is officially “Too smart for your own britches”. Thank you Dirk. I’ve been your devoted fan since the Modern Tales days.

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