Author's Notes:

Yes, PS is alive again! Working on a big batch update next, so not sure when it will post quite yet. More details here.

Technically the Taney County Sheriff’s Office is in Forsyth, Missouri, just east of Branson, but I figured for simplicity’s sake I’d put it in the same town to minimize confusion.

I based the deputy there on Andy from Twin Peaks.

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30 Responses to “Page 94”

  1. ChineseWolf says:

    That was… AWESOME!!!

    Wondering if you can get us a bigger image. I can hardly see why they were wanted for. The fax is rather small for detail.

    The local police should be only able to tell that they were once here, but no knowing if they are now gone or hide in somewhere near.

    • Cunninglinguine says:

      It reads:

      Murder, domestic terrorism, interstate flight, assault on a federal agent, unlawful flight.

      Caution: Should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

      • SCE2AUX says:

        “If you have any information concerning these persons please contact your local FBI office, the telephone number of which appears on the first page of most local directories.”

      • tahrey says:

        Though apparently the picture on the left is of a “Xithryna M. Calwjiek”

      • Grimlock13 says:

        Look more like Katrina McAllister to me.

  2. Zion says:

    Dirk, I’m glad you’re back, I hope the recuperation has done you good. The loose end of not having this story completed in my mind was driving me bananas!

  3. Yay! Been waiting for this a long time :)
    Great that you’re getting better and able to get back to this project!

  4. TheBig1 says:

    Glad to hear that your health has improved. I can’t wait for the next batch update to see where this is going (don’t push yourself though, we wouldn’t want you risking another injury!).

  5. just_idd says:

    Well the Fit will hit the Shan now.

  6. Ric says:

    Great, glad you’re back Dirk, this page give a lot of emotion, great cliffhanger, can’t wait the next one

  7. NightWolf says:

    Glad to see you’re feeling better!

  8. Lunis says:

    As much as I am happy with the update, and I am sure that everyone else is too, but is your hand ok to draw and write with? I don’t think any reader wants their favorite author to go to the doctors again.

    • dirk says:

      I wouldn’t be posting anything if I wasn’t fit to work again. I still have to pace myself and be careful, but I can do that and hold a pencil and pen again. I just won’t be doing 12-hour marathon sessions anymore.

  9. Bartimæus says:

    Congratulations on you becoming better Dirk, and the new nice page.

  10. Sean says:

    Plaudits for the Andy/”Twin Peaks” reference! I wonder if this incarnation cries when he reads crime reports and accidentally covers himself with Post-It(tm) notes, too.

  11. GimiGlider says:

    死火, they’re dead this round, either that or they’ll have to run (yet again)…

    • ChinseWolf says:

      Most of Chinese won’t understand what you said, but I do.
      Cantonese isn’t a problem for someone who lives in Shenzhen.


      • ChineseWolf says:

        Most of Chinese won’t understand what you said, but I do.
        Cantonese isn’t a problem for someone who lives in Shenzhen.


  12. GimiGlider says:

    oh, and I’m glad you’re back. You ok?

  13. smilr says:

    Welcome back good sir!

  14. xaviara says:

    this just made my day

  15. Arious says:

    oh snap, and the other shoe just dropped…

  16. tahrey says:

    Welcome back – good to hear that you’re on the road to recovery :-)

    And oh, straight in the face with some instant plot thickener, classy as ever, lol.

  17. Arious says:

    BTW, so good to see you back. Been a while and I’m glad this is going to continue.

  18. msouth says:

    Nothing to say but to heap on the well wishes and thankfulness for your return.

    Well, also, “great page, as usual” :) .

  19. Arious says:

    More now please, been waiting, and this is great stuff…

  20. chumash99 says:

    Yay, they’re back! And “Wanted: Dead or Alive”! ;) Now the question is, did the “real” FBI put that out, or was it the bad guys mentioned by Xiang? I’ll be waiting with baited donut breath to find out! :D

  21. gabe hilton says:

    so hey when new page come out

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