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Back to the job.

In other news, I’m gearing up for the spring convention push, starting with Anime Boston this weekend. Then I’ll have about a week an a half before I fly out to the Midwest for Anime St. Louis and Anime Central back to back. Due to my professional schedule, I’m not as far ahead on a backlog for PS as I would have liked, so the updates this month may not be as timely as usual. However, nothing approaching the chaos of the kitchen times last fall. Expect either pencils only or a delayed update next week, and possibly again after AnimeSTL. I’ll do the best I can.

Also, for you werewolf fans, I recently did a couple of illustrations for an upcoming web novella called “The Woods”, the first in a series called “The Lycanthrope Club.” The author, Kiojan, originally had “Lobo” Leo Vidal of Alpha Luna doing the artwork, but needed a fill in to complete the project. Though, since I can’t afford to work for free, and he’s not made of money, I’d like to give him a hand. If you’re really into werewolves, go over and check out his work. It’s a cute story, and I can say the rewrite is a vast improvement over the original. His most recent effort, “Crescent Shadows” is pretty good, and a fair bit closer to what you can expect from the upcoming release. If it’s something you’d at all interested in, consider shooting him a donation so he can finish the book. I would like to finish the rest of illustrations for him.

I’ll keep you posted after the weekend about updates.

See you at Anime Boston!

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