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35 Responses to “Page 60”

  1. Kevin says:

    That… looks a lot like JT.

    Also, this is flippin’ AWESOME.

  2. Rev says:

    Whups! Where did her shirt go? Damn those shadows! Woof!

    • Youko says:

      It’s a dream. Silly things like “logic” and “physics” and whatnot don’t apply. =P

      Also, I love the way Kate looks at the end there. Can’t wait to see what happens next. =)

      • Rev says:

        Silly dream sequences. But you gotta love ‘em. I check every day for a new update. Now that i went back and read the whole thing I keep wanting more!

  3. HVEgleRunner says:

    what hapend to her nightgown

  4. Daniel G says:

    That last panel, now that is what I am talking about. It does look like JT, doesn’t it?

  5. Sigurd says:

    That is one good looking feral Kate
    Anyway, i just read your comic and I must say that it is the best i have read so far, and i read a lot of comics. Also Kate reminds me of a DnD character i made (looks and all)

  6. MadMann135 says:

    This I find interesting… it does raise this question.
    Did the people wolf-Kate attack strike down partially ask for it. In this dream it seems as he was ‘coming on to strong’ (putting it mildly), and wolf-Kate responded with extreme aggression (which considering who Kate is, that was just two notches up).

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Well, she only attacked one person, the guy under the bridge at Lincoln Park. The other two attacks were perpetrated by Major Bryant (the werelion.) Also it was already implied (act II, part 3, page 108) that he came at her first. Granted; she was naked, and ran into a homeless man with who-knows-what personal problems. The behavior on his part, while contemptible, is not at all surprising.

      Here’s the conspiracy theory that scares me right now: the dialog on this page is an awake JT (apologetic but still extremely crude) talking to a sleepwalking Kate. Queue Mike and his Zen-tervention, or be prepared to scrape whatever’s left of JT up with a shovel.

      I’m probably wrong. I *hope* I’m wrong.

      –The Other Kate


  8. Lunaroki says:

    That guy is in too many pieces to be walking around like that if he’s only a zombie. With that disconnected spinal column he’d be a crawler at best. Whatever he is, “zombie” doesn’t cover it. Good thing this is just a dream though, eh?

  9. haiiro_okami says:

    JT, it’s definitely him….no doubt about it…and damn that is the best feral/partiall transformed image of Kate I’ve seen throughout the comic….I still say she’s kinda like Karrin Murphy from the Dresden Files

  10. Kat says:

    omigaud Dirk, I came to see this next page right before I shut down the computer to go to bed…iz so freaky…haha, but still cool, great drawing ;D

  11. Oh for BLIP’s Sake people… DREAM SEQUENCE.

    But awesome art.. as usual.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      …I don’t think anyone was disagreeing with that.

    • Kat says:

      If you’re responding to my note, i know it’s a dream sequence…which is what creeped me out considering this was the last thing I saw before going to sleep xP
      And I had a sugary snack a bit beforehand, which is never a good idea!

  12. Hoppy says:

    Just found this comic thru… now I’m hooked and have yet another web-comic to add to my growing list of “must-read’s”!!

  13. Browncoat Ike says:

    Best. Feral. Kate. Ever. (Oh, sweet beautiful fanservice…)
    Yeah, I’m not the only guy reminded of Karrin Murphy here.
    Wow, this is a weird dream.

  14. Rev says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking of Karrin Murphy here…

  15. Voyager says:

    Honestly, I do hope JT survives this with all of his limbs intact. He’s the sort of character who if he goes out, it needs to be with a bang.

  16. silvermoonlight says:

    This is a great comic page, it reminds of the classic moment from An American Werewolf In London where David’s dead friend comes back to visit him in undead form.

    That guy though in Kate dream is a dirty rapist who got what he deserved when he tried to harm her when she was naked and helpless and stuck in the rain, I hope she kills him again in her dream.

  17. HVEgleRunner says:


  18. macguges says:

    I’m not satisfied with the premise of this scene as just a “dream sequence”, a narration of symbolic events with no direct consequences on reality. I feel that JT’s dialogue here sounds like something JT himself would choose to say – something that would push Kate over the edge – rather than something Kate’s own imagination cooked up. As angry as he made her before, I don’t feel Kate’s mean-spirited enough to make JT into a target of her dream-violence after a few sexist remarks. But if he encountered her while she was sleepwalking and struggling to maintain control …

    My hypothesis is that lycanthropy could transform your perceptions while transforming your form. This sequence is a dream, but it’s also a transformed version of real events, just as Kate is transforming in front of JT. What’s especially interesting is that she appears to be becoming aware of herself as a werewolf, while a werewolf. Regardless, I don’t fancy JT’s chances…

    • Kaitlyn says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Voyager says:

        Well, I would be careful about taking bets. Remember, JT’s part of the same crew Stuart. Special Ops people, especially the successful ones are scary people. Look up “The White Death”, or Carlos Hathcock. Or Audie Murphy for pure crazy unstoppable.

        I think it would be a good thing to have at least a few normals who aren’t completely outclassed by the weres. Also, it would be good for Kate to discover she’s not completely unstoppable here, around friends, rather than the next time she meets the agents.

    • HVEgleRunner says:

      it may not be JT I looked up the first dream sequence she had after finding the man under the bridge and that man looked the sam as this man
      checkout this page

  19. Bucc-i says:

    Say Mister, is that your guts hanging out? Or are you just happy to see me?

  20. Tibia says:

    Sexy Wulfs! And not a staircase in sight!

    Uhh, sorry. Running on sleep deprivation. I do love the anatomical detail though. Such a gorgeous page.

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