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Rohypnol, technically called Flunitrazepam and most popularly known as the “Date Rape Drug,” is a sedative whose side-effects can include memory loss and black outs.

Anisomycin is a protein synthesis inhibitor that has recently been shown to temporarily inhibit memory formation, and even erase memories. The research was also featured in an episode of Radiolab.

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11 Responses to “Page 31”

  1. Aphamus says:

    Dirk, error in last bubble; needs another “I” after ‘think’. I like how the story’s developing. by the way :)

  2. Escadia says:

    That wonderful dramatic sound effect just played in my head…

    Hold on, let me see if I can find it…

    Here we go:

  3. chumash99 says:

    Ooh, he’s mad. ;) And just wait until the rest of the squad sees that videotape! There will be blood… :)

  4. RolandKyramere says:

    Oh, this just opened up a huge can of worms… pardon the expression, the best one I could come up with. Very excited to see where this ends up!

  5. Vincent F. Celeste says:

    Well this method of memory clearing is a direct violation of the human moral and the human mind this drug must be found and destroyed. Thats final.

  6. Fauxlosopher says:

    Good luck eliminating GHB from the streets, Vincent. People can make that in a high school or college chemistry lab, or even at home, if they get the recipe.

    Nice to see Xiang isn’t naive, not going to be all, “Oh, but the FBI is good, we’d never do anything bad!” He’s actually believable as a man who wants the right thing done and damn the rules, like Mike. They’d actually get along pretty well, I think.

  7. …No…Have they been injected too!?

    • 1st re-read says:


      With a drug to mess with their memory. The entire point of this operation was to CAPTURE the were-beasts. They won’t make more and leave them loose

  8. Christopher says:

    Originally when I first heard of Rohypnol was in Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories,thought it was some sort of parody of Tylenol.Well because of my intrest in the paralelles of the GTA and real worlds I found it on Wikipedia and sometimes people also call it ‘Rophy’ or ‘Ruffies’

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