Author's Notes:

Mike is so angry he’s slipping into Cantonese here. As mentioned offhand previously, he spent some formative years on the streets of Hong Kong, despite his non-Asian heritage. Yes, there is big story there. I’ll get around to telling it someday.

Big thanks to 林泰延 (Lin Taiyan – better known to you all as ChineseWolf here on the site) and friends, for help in translating the Cantonese dialogue bits.

Here’s a quick translation [Cantonese bits in brackets]:

MIKE: You [backwoods, uneducated jack-ass ], you were supposed to keep a low profile, not start growing pot for some [cartel ]!

JT: Damned outta yer own mouth, you sunnuvabitch. How DARE y'all come here to mah house after what y'all did in Chicago?

MIKE: Fuck Chicago, Tippit! You got a [goddammed ] PLANTATION right out in the open! You put The Plan in danger for the sake of a quick buck! Anybody else know about this? Blue? Higgy?

backwoods:鄉下佬: villagers (insulting)
uneducated jack-ass:蠢材: fool, idiot
cartel: 集團:group corporation
goddamned:死人頭: dead man’s head

Thanks again, 林泰延! You’ve been a great help! Hope you like how the final came out, here. Please thank your friends again for the help with this translation!

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