Author's Notes:

I wish I could have expanded a bit more on Mike’s unit, here. All of these guys have names, though I realize I was a little lax when coming to designing them. Going from left to right in panel four we have: Mike “Chink” Stuart, “Dougly” Newmayr, “Blue” Cavanaugh, “Roach Coach” Ramirez, and Captain “Higgy” Higgins (a reference to a Turlough O’Carolan Slow Aire I play on the guitar).

I based their looks off composites of various Special Forces troops I observed in the copious reference images I’d gathered. In retrospect, I wish I had them be a nod to famous characters in movies and such. Oh, well. Too late for that, now.

As I mentioned before, this entire story was originally written in prose form. I plan to print it with the footnotes when the finished book is released.

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