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Page 06

Panel One: Kate is getting dressed, wearing Mike’s ‘ARMY’ sweater and track pants.

Panel Two: Mike comes in, carrying a backpack and a pair of flip-flops.

Mike: Ready?
Kate: What are we doing? Seriously–/em>

Panel Three: They walk through the apartment. Kate’s shredded clothes lie on the floor.

Mike: If we get out of town clean, I can make sure it’s days before anyone even realizes we’re gone

Panel Four: Kate kneels by the torn shreds, Mike waits in the background.

Kate: What the hell– skip town? We can’t just leave. Captain Hugh–
Mike: Kate, if the people after you are who I think they are, the Captain can’t help us.
Mike: No-one here can.

Panel Five: Kate picks up her badge from the mess of torn jeans and shoes.

Kate: But everything I have is–
Mike: Nothing you can’t walk away from in a second.

Panel Six: Mike’s checking outside through the window.

Mike: We’re clear. Let’s go.

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