July 2nd, 2008 | filed in News

Wizard, MoCCA, and ACEN: belated con reports

My goodness, have the last couple of months been busy. It all started back in May with my trip back to Chicago for ACEN. It turned out to be my best show to date, and was a fantastic homecoming after the big move. I actually stayed in town for a whole week, and got plenty of chances to hang out with friends and take some much-needed final photos in order to finish out Part Three.

Then, three weeks later it was off to NYC for MoCCA, where I shared a table with my new friends from the Boston Comics Roundtable, who were premiering the anthology, INBOUND. The new book looks great, and I’m looking forward to maybe contributing to a later issue. My Chicago buddy Spike also came out and ended up smoking us all on sales, which was awesome. I have to admit, despite my undying love for Chicago, NYC is growing me. It’s a fun town, though I think I’d prefer to visit often rather than live there. I’m liking Boston quite well enough. Besides, it’s only a 4 hour, $3 bus ride away (Chinatown bus, oh yeah!), so it’s easy enough to go visit. Anyway, great fun times hanging out with all my comic friends, even if I didn’t sell that much. No problem.

Now, I just got back from Wizard World Chicago this past weekend. Once again, Chicago blew me away! I shared a table with my old friend and co-founder of ModernTales, Tim Broderick, and we ended up selling out of books! It was amazing. I came back with only 4 copies of Part Two, after nearly selling out of Part One on Saturday, and being replenished with an extra 10 copies from Brian ‘BMAN’ Babenderede finally sold out completely on Sunday. Along the way, we got to hang out with the rest of the Chicago ART NIGHT crew (Brion, Jen, Spike, Pascal), plus indy comics veterans and buddies Jane Irwin, Paul Sizer, & Carla Speed McNeil, and Miss Monster, too! I even had the pleasure of meeting newcomer Nathan Heigert, who blew us all away with an already complete 80-page, full-color graphic novel, SHADE, that’s just waiting to be published. Good luck, Nate! Hope to see more from you!

Anyway, it was a totally fantastic weekend, as were the previous two cons. Next up is San Diego. Spike and I will be sharing a table, so if you’re coming out to the Big Show, please come by and tell us “Hi!”.

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