March 5th, 2009 | filed in News

Update from the trenches…

So, gang. It’s been way too long since I posted. Since my last communique, there’s been a ton of news, all of which has kept me busy enough to keep me away from the blog.

First up, the really good news. Emily and I are buying a house! We’ve found a cute little place not a half a mile from our apartment, so the location is perfect. It’s old, but in great shape, and it’s just right for us. Best of all is that it comes in well under our budget, so we’ll actually be able to afford it comfortably. It will need a little work before we move in, but mostly just cosmetic changes. So, we’ll be spending most of April pulling down wallpaper, painting, replace some floors and getting things ready to move in. All the paperwork is finished, and we close at the end of the month.

It’s all very, very exciting. I had no idea how much before this happened, in fact. It’s kinda like falling in love. It’s crazy.

This does mean I’ll have to dismantle the studio, and most likely will be taking about a month off to work on the House and the move. Good news is I’m currently building up my buffer to carry me through the month and a little beyond. So, this will mean no skipped PS updates. Beyond that, I’m madly trying to pencil ahead as much as I can before the end of the month. It’s going well so far.

Next some bad news and good news. The bad news is, as with many indy comic publishers, I got dropped from Diamond in the big deluge this winter. It had me down for awhile. However, the good news is that Haven has graciously picked up PS Volumes 1 & 2, so I’m picking up where I left off in the comics market. I’ll get links to their catalog as soon as I have them, but if you happen to be at your local comic store, ask them to order a copy of the books! I’d be grateful. I don’t have quite as much time as I’d like to do much marketing before finishing Part Three, but I do plan to hit it hard come summer once it’s off the printers.

Which brings me to an update on Part Three. As I said, it’s coming along, but it’s proving to be longer than I’d originally planned. It’s clocking in at 125 pages as opposed to the original 100-110 pages. This means it’s going to take me probably until at least mid-June to get the artwork complete. Sadly, this means no Part Three for ACEN this year. I know this is a disappointment, but I promise you it will be worth the wait. I’m just pencilling Page99 today, and it’s kicked into high gear from here all the way to the end. If I have any hope of getting books back in time for San Diego, I’m going to need to chain myself to the drawing table every moment I’m not working on the House. This means probably not alot of blogging. However, I have started up a Twitter account, so I’ll be posting there from time to time — it’s easier to muster a sentence here and there than many paragraphs.

Lastly, I’m firming up my convention schedule for the rest of the year. Sorry I had to pull out so suddenly this winter. It couldn’t be helped, as I wasn’t expecting to suddenly be buying a house. However, I can definitely confirm I will be at ACEN and San Diego. I will also be attending the New England Webcomics Weekend this month in Northampton, MA. I will most likely also be attending Otakon, Connection, and Wizard World Chicago, as well. More as I get things planned.

That’s about it. I’ll get more updates as I can, and make sure you check out the new pages on Tuesdays. They’re only going to get more exciting from here on out.

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