October 30th, 2013 | filed in News


Well, folks, I’m afraid I have to report indeed to go back into treatment for my neck. I went to see a neurologist on Monday, and I’ve been ordered to have a battery of tests to get to the root of the problem. So for a second time in 15 months I have to put my business on hold and stop production on both STRANGER and PS. I’ve try to manage this problem and continue to work, and I have failed.

This time, I’m not coming back to work until I’ve solved this problem for good. Rest assured, I’m going to try everything I can to correct the problem with both conventional and alternative medicine. While I’m sure many of you have great suggestions, please keep them to yourself for now. I’m going to have to develop a treatment regimen that works for me. That said, I’m reserving surgery as the VERY LAST option. If I can fix this using non-invasive means, I will.

In the meantime I’ll be continuing my physical routine of regular exercise, yoga, meditation, massage therapy and stress reduction to calm things down. I know stress is at the root of the problem, but i have to figure out how to untangle the mess before I return to work. Hopefully, I’ll have some better answers later this month.

As always, thanks for your unending patience.