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Have you ever seen “Kiki’s Delivery Service”? Remember the part where Kiki suddenly stops having the power to fly?

Well, that’s me. That’s where I’ve been since last fall in respect to comics.

I won’t be updating PS anytime soon. I’m also not checking or responding to comments right now. I’m working through some shit. I’ll tell you the whole story later.

Like Kiki, I hope my ability to fly will come back. Maybe it will. But I can’t force it to come back on command, and no amount of cheerleading or well-wishing will speed the process along. I have to do this myself.

The only thing left is to let go and hope for the best.

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  1. TheBig1 says:

    “no amount of cheerleading or well-wishing will speed the process along” But I hope it doesn’t hurt either. Best of luck with whatever you are going through and thanks again for the awesome work you have put out over the years :)

  2. ChineseWolf says:

    Take your time, Dirk.

  3. mattender says:

    Wishing you well anyway!

  4. dolo724 says:

    Whatever the wait, I think PS is worth it. I’ve seen some others clear the gap with elan and flourish.

  5. marmoe says:

    I wish you well, Dirk. Not Dirk the comic author, but Dirk the person.

    • udo says:

      I second that. You’ve already given us an awesome story and your art and all the time and effort that went into it, so go now and take care of yourself and do what must be done. We’ll be sticking around. :) Best of luck, Dirk!

  6. The Wealthy Aardvark says:

    Take as long as you need, we’ll be here. Just don’t let the RSS break!

  7. Inferdramon says:

    It’s understandable. You have been working on this comic for a long time. It would make sense that, at some point, you’d get burned out and need to take a break. I don’t mind waiting.

    I had noticed the comic stopped updating, but I did assume that it was because you were either too busy or because you were burnt out on it. Seems I was right about the burnt out thing. But it makes sense and I’m not upset that you won’t continue it for a while.

    And if you decide not to continue it anymore, if that spark never comes back, I won’t fault you for it or get mad. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not the story will continue.

  8. Miod says:

    Even if you don’t intend to check these comments, rest assured we love your work and wish you the best. Take the time you need to get over whatever issues you are currently facing! And let’s hope we will hear back from you.

  9. You’re in my thoughts, Dirk. Best of luck dealing with the crap you’re dealing with.

  10. Ben says:

    Sorry to hear that, Dirk. Not because it means no more Paradigm Shift for a while, or possibly ever. While I’d be lying if I said that prospect doesn’t also disappoint, that’s not my sorrow here (and anyway, I’ve been fortunate to have several years worth of excellent reading/seeing already).

    No, I’m dismayed to hear this because I know you must be dealing with seriously heavy stuff to come out and say this. As a fellow human being — and a pretty cool one, from what I can tell — you have my sympathy and concern. I hope whatever it is, you can get through it with the minimum pain required. Not because I want more PS, but because I hate the thought of you in that level of distress.

    TL;DR: marmoe said it better than I could.

  11. warhawk says:

    I know you said you don’t want well wishes but tough, you’re getting them anyway. Best wishes to you, hope things straighten out and improve for ya. We all hit a shit storm, take the time you need.

  12. Wandering Mask says:

    I know you said you aren’t checking comments, but I hope you have time to take a quick look soon and see the good feelings meant you.

    Shit sucks. Take the time you need to take care of yourself, always. Your well being is the first priority, and doing the right thing for yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Whatever happens for you from here on out, I wish you the best. Thanks for PS. It’s been amazing.

    Good luck.

  13. Tehbeefer says:

    Good luck, thanks for keeping us posted!

  14. Shedragon says:

    I was getting worried, glad to see some sign of life.

    Just take your time dealing with it.

  15. Aeriyn says:

    Hearing that you are still around is much more important than the comic ever continuing.

    We’ll be here, waiting, when you come back.

  16. crazyman says:

    Kiki’s grounded? OH, NOES! :( But seriously, Dirk, we’re all pulling for you. We know you’ll get your powers back…someday. :D

  17. Aleria says:

    Self work is the hardest work of all.
    I hope you can do this with minimal of stress.
    Please take care of yourself Dirk.
    Hugs and best wishes.

  18. Techrat3D says:

    Wish you the best, Dirk.
    Take your time, and get your life in order, like I’m trying to with mine right now.
    If you need someone to talk to, I believe many here, including myself, would lend you an ear.

  19. CiberX15 says:

    Sounds like you have not given up yet, so neither will we. Take all the time you need. ;)

    P.S. I have been trying to remember the name of that movie for 6 years! Must go find it!!!

  20. The Wealthy Aardvark says:

    I hope you’re doing well.

  21. Ben says:

    Merry Christmas, Dirk. Or Happy Hanukkah, or Killer Kwanzaa, or Super Solstice, or…. Whatever you call this time of year, have a good one. Even if it’s just December.

  22. Shamus says:

    Still coming here most weeks, just in case something happens…

  23. Ben says:

    I check in every few weeks. More because I wonder about our host. I hope he’s going okay, for some value of “okay”.

  24. Udo says:

    Likewise, checking here every so often, and always hoping… always! :)

  25. ChineseWolf says:

    We miss you, dirk.

  26. David says:

    Just a confirmation that when you get your magic back, you will have people glad to see the next installment.

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