May 29th, 2004 | filed in News

The Morning After a Day After Tomorrow

Ugh. I went in knowing that this wouldn’t be a particularly good movie, but oi… I should have known that when I saw the name Roland Emmerich that I could just throw the word ‘subtle’ out the window. Bad, nay nonexistant science, improbable events, scenes cribbed from earlier movies (I kept thinking “Didn’t I see this scene in ‘Independence Day’”), and, I kid you not, an evil escaped WOLF PACK that don’t even look or behave like wolves.


I laughed a few times, and other than the wolves the effects were pretty good; but that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s a summer blockbuster, I guess I shouldn’t have expected much else. Still, I had a good time hating it, especially afterwards. Sometimes you just need to kvetch.

Anyway, if you must see it, wait for a matinee, or at least get a gullible friend to pay for your ticket. =)

More ranting here.

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