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The January Update that Wasn’t

Hey, folks. I owe you an update. I promised you a new scene in January, and look, here it is February 1st, and no new PS. What gives? When I got back from the holidays, I had a script and thumbnails and was ready to start pencilling away. However, a couple of things happened that got in the way.

Firstly, I’ve been spending more time wearing my Illustrator hat this month as a few pleasantly unexpected projects landed in my lap about mid-month. Of course, this interrupted the time I was going to spend inking and finishing out the end of “War Stories.”

Secondly, I’m sad to report I’ve been fighting some complications from my neck injury last year. Happily, I can still work, just not very fast. I had a flare-up last week which has been limiting the amount of time I can spend at the drawing desk each day. I’ve gone back to treatment, and prospects are good. Rest easy. I am doing everything I can to take care of myself.

I’m just sorry it means a bit more delay. I should have a better idea when the new scene will post next week.

As always, thanks for your unending patience.

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12 Responses to “The January Update that Wasn’t”

  1. NightWolf says:

    Hey man, just glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking. Keep up the excellent work and I’m hoping your injury stops troubling you sooner rather than later =)

    • dirk says:

      Thanks for well-wishing!

      Don’t worry, it’s nothing as serious as last year—basically just a chronic stiff neck which is totally fixable. I’m seeing an expert in sports medicine to correct the problem. This will be cured mostly with a modification to my daily exercise routine.

      Word to the wise, kids, listen when you doctor tells you to pay attention to your posture. I can’t recommend the advice enough.

      All, in all, I’m really only running a week or two behind at most. I got another page inked and mostly finished yesterday. As I said, I’ll have a better idea when it will be ready to post next week.

  2. TheBig1 says:

    I think Shigeru Miyamoto’s philosophy on game design also applies to comics: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”
    Although technically not always true in the day and age of downloadable patches and DLCs (or updateable image files on a web server, to save the metaphor), the spirit still holds true, quality work takes time, lots and lots of it.

    So, take all the time you need, we fans won’t be going anywhere ;)

  3. Youko says:

    Hey, don’t worry about it. Better late than never (which would probably be the case if you pushed and permanently injured yourself). Just focus on getting well. =)

  4. just_idd says:

    Dirk, maybe you can find some time with your doctor and invite him and his SO to dinner/see your work area, he may have some thoughts that you can implement with your mad kitchen construction skills. If money is an issue he might have some pictures you can adapt for your needs. For instance I once saw a chair that had a gap where your spine would be. it supported the back and the spine was more relaxed. I’ve also learned that comfortable insoles are a great fix.

    • dirk says:

      Already consulted with pictures. Problem isn’t the setup so much as simple body mechanics. I still have a ways to go in terms of getting my core strength up and getting to the point where putting my spine in a neutral position (while maintaining flexibility) is second-nature. Again, this problem will be solved with time and the proper exercise under some expert supervision. Basically, I got off-track after finishing up Physical Therapy, and there was nobody there to correct my mistakes.

      I’m feeling pretty good after a couple of treatments and a good weekend full of playing music. I think this week will go well.

  5. Frédéric says:

    I’m very glad you’re still around and have found some nice work in January. Take your time, get better, your fans will be still around.

  6. KT says:

    Good to see an update from you.
    Ouch, sorry to hear your back/neck’s giving you grief again. Ya gotta take it easy sometimes. Things will get better, just chill.

  7. FormulaFox says:

    Dirk, I am VERY disappointed in you!

    What? No. Not that there’s been a delay.

    HOW DARE YOU not keep us more frequently apprised of your health situation!

    In all seriousness, I don’t know about anyone else, but when delays happen with my favorite webcomics I get more worried about the why than the delay itself. I care about people. Well, I care about people who aren’t complete monsters or total assholes, and sofar as I can tell you are neither.

    I’d say get well soon, but that’d be selfish, so I shall say….

    Get well in the shortest amount of time that is realistically possible without a high likelihood of ending up in a far worse condition.

    • dirk says:

      I’m doing pretty well, actually. As I said this is nothing like last summer. I changed up my exercises and that is doing wonders. Still getting some treatment a couple times a week to aid in the healing process, but so far, so good.

      Other than that, I’m just pacing myself, and making a few small adjustments to the work setup to make it easier.

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