August 14th, 2008 | filed in News

SOLD OUT! (press release time!)



BOSTON, MA – August 13th, 2008 – Less than a year after its national release, independent graphic novel series Paradigm Shift sells out of its first volume, Part One: Equilibrium, just in time for the release of the second volume in PREVIEWS this September. Plans are under way to reprint immediately.

Paradigm Shift is a police procedural punctuated by sardonic humor, explosive gunfights, and supernatural horror. It originally appeared in the starting lineup of the exclusive online comics portal, ModernTales, and now thrills thousands of fans worldwide with weekly installments at The series is applauded by fans and critics alike for its strong writing, beautiful artwork, and the meticulous care taken in its detailed depictions of the artist’s hometown Chicago.

Paradigm Shift – Part One: Equilibrium (ISBN-13: 978-0-9789717-1-7) collects the first volume of online material, including a special bonus section detailing the process of creating the comic, and is priced at $9.95. Released as a 100 page black-and-white, digest-sized soft cover, distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors (Order Code: DEC073615 F).

Paradigm Shift – Part Two: Agitation (ISBN-13: 978-0-9789717-2-4) collects the second volume of online material, and is priced at $12.95. Released as a 120 page black-and-white, digest-sized soft cover, the books ship in November from, distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors.

Sample art from the comic is available upon request. Read the ongoing webcomic at and see more of Dirk I. Tiede’s work at


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