March 23rd, 2012 | filed in News

Look at this Kate Sculpture. Just look at it!

Kate Sculpture by Alex Brugnera

I got an email from my Brazilian friend Alex Brugnera, who you may remember did those wonderful colorized PS pages in the Gift Art Gallery. (What? You haven’t seen them? Go! Look!) He sent me this:

Original Photos

Not long afterward, he contacted me and offered to send her to me. I was floored.

I just got her in the mail today, and she is amazing!

It captures Kate in mid-transformation and somehow manages to be cute and creepy at the same time. Look at the detail!

Alex, I can’t thank you enough. You are incredibly generous, and I’m grateful for all the time and effort you’ve put into creating wonderful pieces. I’m humbled that you were inspired by my comics.

Muito obrigado!

Edit: I just realized Alex posted a tutorial on how he created this on his dA account. It was originally inspired by this early concept sketch.

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