November 28th, 2006 | filed in News

Screentones coming!

Thanksgiving was a blast! The food was SO GOOD. I’m still eating leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries. Yum.

Anyway, since I spent most of the past week out of the studio, I didn’t get to the next PS page until Sunday evening. I ended up pencilling and inking this week’s page from start to finish in about 12 hours yesterday. I wasn’t able to squeeze in the screentones before I collapsed last night, so I just uploaded the finished inks, instead, and finished them up today.

Anyway, I finished it all up today. Take a look!

(I’m linking to Modern Tales today because WCN’s control panel is down for a server transfer, so I wasn’t able to post the updated page there, yet. I’ll fix it when I have access again.)

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