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New Scene! War Stories (Part 1 of 2)

Page 95

Nothing like a little tension building by way of distraction. Kate finally gets her War Story out of Mike. This is the first half of a bigger scene. Part 2 to come in mid-January, once I’ve come back from the Holiday stupor.

Work is going smoothly again. Still pacing myself to avoid any lingering symptoms, but finding a groove, now. Getting back to juggling illustration work and comics again, and it feels good.

I’m looking forward to putting in more studio time now that I’m healthy again, and will be clearing my convention appearance calendar for the next several months at least until I finish up the production for this book. So this means I won’t be appearing at a number of my usual haunts like Anime Boston or Anime Central this spring. I’d rather conserve my energy for creating the artwork and story for now and re-emerge with something new in hand once it’s actually ready, instead of forcing myself to rush out a book that isn’t quite ready in order to satisfy the arbitrary convention cycle. I know this is the better way to go.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everyone! I’ll see you next month with Part 2 of this scene.

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5 Responses to “New Scene! War Stories (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. I really like getting a bunch of pages at a time rather than one page per week… it’s a great story and I’m glad you’re still working on it!

    • David T says:

      I also prefer the scene at a time method. That makes the story flow feel more consistent. I am glad to see this next installment, and am looking forward to book 4 when it becomes available.

  2. GetPwned says:

    Nice to see you getting back into the process, love the series and am looking forward to the usual once weekly release. ;) Best of luck and never give up!

  3. warhawk says:

    Looking good, can’t wait, been goin through Kaitie withdrawal. Glad to hear that your recovery is progressing well. Merry Christmas, enjoy the season, see you in a month or so.

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