March 19th, 2013 | filed in New Chapter, News

New Scene – “Discovery”

Page 107 Just a quick appetizer of a scene to let you know that both me and the comic are still alive.  I’ve been writing like a madman lately, doing a must-needed rewrite to the ending of the book.  Also doing some illustration gigs and getting ahead on the thumbnails for the comic.

As for my health, things are looking good. However, the remedy seems to mean more moving and less sitting, so I still can’t pull long stints at the drawing desk. Still pacing myself, but I’m seeing (or rather, feeling) big improvements. Exercise, stretching and taking regular breaks definitely seem to be doing the trick.

The next scene is the big one, so I’ll be breaking it into bite-sized chunks again. First bit will probably go up in a couple of weeks. I’ll give you a heads up when to expect it.