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San Diego Wrap-Up

Shaenon & Dirk, hard at work.

Well, I’m back and mostly recovered from another year and the Mother of All Cons: San Diego Comic Con. This was my ninth (yes, ninth!) year at the show, and it was definitely my most successful to date. I had the pleasure of sharing my table and hotel with the excellent Shaenon K. Garrity, creator behind the amazing and hilarious comics Narbonic and Skin Horse and her husband Andrew Farago, widely known as curator of the fabulous Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

Our table!

This year we had an excellent location in the Small Press pavilion, right across from Oni Press, a position that destined us to compete and take advantage of the hordes that descended upon them for Scott Pilgrim! (I should know, because I was right there with them to pick up Volume 6!)

Right across from Scott Pilgrim, too!  Score!

Preview Night kicked off excellently well, but by the of the day on Thursday I was coming down with a cold, which meant I had to take things easy in order to get through the rest of the weekend. So, I didn’t get to party quite as much as I would have otherwise liked, but I still had plenty of time to hang out with many friends I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.

King of RPGs One the highlights of the show was to see Jason Thompson again and pick up his gut-bustingly funny King of RPGs. Seriously, if you’ve ever done any bit of role-playing or table-top gaming in your life, you will totally appreciate this send up done in consummate shonen manga style. As Shaenon and Andrew can attest, it had me cackling! I also had the pleasure of dining with he, and Roger Landgridge, whom I also hadn’t seen in an age and is now pounding page after page of Muppet comics for BOOM Kids! Good on ye, Roger!

Somehow I also found the energy to crank out a few commissions, too, including a conceptual sequel to Anime Boston’s “Yom Yom Yom” silliness:

Commission: No Use Crying... Commission: Wolf Centurion

After pacing myself, loading up on Airborne and Sudafed, and I managed to plow my way through the five days of convention madness, and thanks to the help all the kind, interested attendees, end up breaking my sales records for every other show to date. It was fantastic!

Thank you everyone for coming by the table at the show. As always, I couldn’t do this without you guys!

Next: I rest. At least until Wizard World Chicago next month…

Time to draw!

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