October 9th, 2013 | filed in News

Can I recruit you? (Website is *not*back up…)

After checking in on the site for the past few days, it appeared to be back up. However, as soon as I wrote this post saying that, the archive stopped working again. *le sigh*

Since I’m only one man with limited capabilities, I’m wondering if you guys might have time to poke at the site from time to time and see if comes back to fully functionality again. If you run into any problems or success, please post the details here in the comments section of this post. That way I have a metric as to how this is going. In the meantime, I will ping my host again and see if there’s anything else that can be done.

In other news, I just finished a short retelling of a Chinese folktale for the Cincinnati Art Museum for a piece on their exhibit on the Daoist Eight Immortals.

In other other news, I also had a physical last week, and the conclusion is I need to go see a neurologist about my continuing neck problems. Hopefully they can help me clear this thing up for good, but I’ll continue to work at a measured pace until that happens.