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Can I recruit you? (Website is *not*back up…)

After checking in on the site for the past few days, it appeared to be back up. However, as soon as I wrote this post saying that, the archive stopped working again. *le sigh*

Since I’m only one man with limited capabilities, I’m wondering if you guys might have time to poke at the site from time to time and see if comes back to fully functionality again. If you run into any problems or success, please post the details here in the comments section of this post. That way I have a metric as to how this is going. In the meantime, I will ping my host again and see if there’s anything else that can be done.

In other news, I just finished a short retelling of a Chinese folktale for the Cincinnati Art Museum for a piece on their exhibit on the Daoist Eight Immortals.

In other other news, I also had a physical last week, and the conclusion is I need to go see a neurologist about my continuing neck problems. Hopefully they can help me clear this thing up for good, but I’ll continue to work at a measured pace until that happens.

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  1. dirk says:

    Of course, I post this, and immediately the page on the front page disappears.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yep, can’t see the comic at all I’m afraid.

  3. ChineseWolf says:

    Yes, I just finish translating one pic and…
    Well just smile and maybe it’s a warning?

    “Don’t work too hard or you will broke like me?”

    • ChineseWolf says:

      Everything is fine except the images (also the nav buttons) and archive. Even the front page is missing the image. However, other things like comments are fine. The archive is still a blank page.

  4. kaitou says:

    From what I see, the archives work, but the front page nav is broken. I also see a comic on the front page (the latest). There are two nav buttons, “first” and “next”. “Next” takes you to the same comic, but now the back button shows up and works. The “first” button takes you to a “‘Part 1: Equilibrium” page with no comic and no nav buttons. The “Comic” menu entry does take you to the archives, which seem to work.


    If you need someone to look at it, let me know.

  5. Tom-Tomy says:

    I can see most of the pages, but some of them don’t have any comic. They look a lot like the “news” pages, like these http://www.paradigmshiftmanga.com/news/p4-page91.html
    but the adresses have “ps” instead of “news”, which should show a comic. I can’t use the next arrow with those pages, but thanks to the very simple url, I just typed the next page number in the adress and pressed enter to continue reading. However, on those pages there’re “previous in category” or “next in category” arrows on top that link to the previous (or next) “news” page instead of a “ps” page So here’s a list of all the malfunctionning pages, at least in my case:

    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4

    Good luck fixing the website

    P.S.: Re-reading the archives was real fun even with the missing pages.

    • Tom-Tomy says:

      nevermind, none of the pages are working for me right now, even if they were just fine an hour ago. I can still access them, but they all look like news pages, with the comments but no comic nor transcript. The archive is completely blank too, but it was also working at least a couple of hours ago. Weird.

  6. maarvarq says:

    The archive (last page, chapter covers +/- a couple of pages, Ch 1 pages 01-32) seems to be available except for the cover page for Chapter 1, which doesn’t show an image nor navigation buttons.

  7. David Nuttall says:

    I can read up to page 111 in chapter 4. All the links on the sides of the pictures seem to work properly. I can pull up the first several pages of chapter 2 with no difficulty.

    The website looks reasonably healthy. Now you just need to get healthy; that one is more important. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. David Nuttall says:

    Arrg! Spoke too soon. Page 12 of chapter 2 does not come up properly. The comments are visible, but the image and navigation buttons do not. No navigation buttons makes is a little harder to test the subsequent pages.

  9. Barrage7667 says:

    If I click on the link to the beginning of book 3 it will bring me to the comic and then i can freely scroll through pages.

  10. Barrage7667 says:

    Well…it did now it wont work again.

  11. wr4ith0 says:

    In firefox: I came in on a link from “star power”. It lacked some navigation buttons but I was able to click on the comic. I did a couple times and it eventually brought me to what appeared to be the last one.

    But when i tried to hit the back buttons, I could only go back about four times before I ran into a link that took me to a blank page. (i left a message there before I figured out this was more widespread)

    Here’s the only page that seems to appear correctly now in my history.

  12. lolsilentinja says:

    If I may, if you know the mark-up language used in the web page or have an current copy of the archive page in a physical HTML file you use http://validator.w3.org/unicorn/ to check the page for any broken bits(It may have few bugs as it seems very new). There also several other validators on the page that may be of use if you think it be something more specific like the Style sheets. This website has been real useful when I’ve used but are a few issues with the tool in the FAQ. hope this has been of use.
    PS i used the tool but ignore the Critical error warning at the top of the page if you get one.

  13. Ben9191919 says:

    Got Book 4 – Pages 1-9 to work, then it blanks out.
    Also works going backwards from the home page until Page 97.

  14. Sabre says:

    I’m using Chrome as my browser and I don’t seem to have a problem. Haven’t scrolled through the full archives though. Front page only displays navigation buttons for “Next Page” and “First Page” but when when on the url for the page (108) itself, all buttons are there. Went back about ten pages with no problem, haven’t gone beyond that but intend to reread soon so when I do I will post if I encounter any problems.

    Hope the medical conditions improve! Take it easy and thanks for keeping us informed! :)

  15. Sabre says:

    EDIT!!! Returned to homepage after previous post and comic on front page was missing. On a whim I tried clearing my browser cache and that seemed to do the trick. Was able to replicate the effect a few times. I don’t speak enough techno-babble to explain that, but that does seem to be the issue, at least on my end. Note that this only occurred using Google Chrome; I tried it in Firefox and didn’t encounter any problems, homepage and archives worked fine for me. Both browsers are current version. Also tried with/without ad-block enabled, didn’t seem to make a difference for me.

  16. Slamlander says:

    Text and such but no comic, no archives, no Nav, even the About section images are FUBAR.
    Note: I use IE9 on Win7 for accessing sites.

  17. Mongoose Van Dunkelschreiber says:

    sorry still not working perhaps you show hire a websight manger

  18. Mongoose Van Dunkelschreiber says:

    appears that the navigation button work fine for f0llowing the comic in IE9 with Windows Vista, but the links do not

  19. dirk says:

    I think the database is crapping out after getting too many connections at once. Or something like that.

    At this point I’m declaring defeat. I need to call in some bigger guns to handle this than I can do myself.

    I may have to code a brand-new site and/or move to a new server at this point. Neither of which I’m looking forward to doing.

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