August 3rd, 2012 | filed in News

Next PS scene update pushed back to August 13th

I’m afraid I have to announce the next scene update needs to be pushed back. Before Otakon I managed to injure my drawing hand and wrist due to some bad ergonomics and repetitive stress. Frankly, I’ve been writing and drawing a TON lately, but doing it on the couch with a cheap pen is a bad way to go about it.

Those of you who caught me at Otakon may have noticed I had a hand brace on. I’ve been unable to hold and use a pen this week, but I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to rest it and now appear to be on the mend. However, I lost several days and there is no way I’m going to have the next scene ready in time for August 6th without risking my hand. So, I’m going to push back the update one week to August 13th.

I hate to do this, because I’m gung-ho to get back to drawing, but it’s not worth risking the long-term health of my drawing hand. I’m going to take the weekend to finish recovering and see how things go on Monday. I’ll tell you if anything else changes.