September 6th, 2006 | filed in News

Pre-press update!

Okay, as I mentioned in my LiveJournal, I broke down this week and bought a new Mac Pro Xeon machine in the hope that it’ll speed the pre-press process along. Of course, I’ve spent the past day or so setting it up, but plan to make up for it by working over the weekend.

Touchup work is pretty much complete. I went through the first 39 pages in about three days, fixing typos and bumping up the contrast on the earlier pages to optimize the printed output. Next up is to finish proofing the last half of the book, set up the initial design and get the footnotes edited.

I’ve got the quote back from the printer, so hopefully all will be ready to send off to them next week. Next, I have to get the ISBN #’s.

more soon!

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