August 2nd, 2011 | filed in News

Otakon 2011 – The Triumphant Return!

The Booth

This past weekend, Paradigm Shift returned to Otakon after a 3 year absence to a resounding victory! As if Anime Boston wasn’t already a fantastic enough show, Otakon went on to break all previous records: 133 books sold in three days! This was in no small way aided by my fantastic assistants, the PS Street Team:

The PS Street Sales Team.


(Full photo gallery here.)

Yeah, that’s right. We had the Old Spice Guy on our side. Also, my friend and fabulous assistant Michele returned with a fabulous upgraded Kate outfit, and the appropriate attitude to match. Between TOSG and Kate, how could we go wrong?

Also, I experimented with a hand-painted banner this time, which was much fun and seemed to go over very well.

There was also freaky gift art, surprise fan art, and a host of talented people in Artist’s Alley that I barely had any time to talk to, including Comfort Love & Adam Withers. If you didn’t know, they’re up for TWO Harvey Awards for their latest series Rainbow in the Dark, and new anthology, Uniques Tales. They’re both great reads, and absolutely deserving of the nominations!

Also thanks to Garth Graham and company for being great neighbors, and Dave Lister of Studio Nasu, Allison & Mark for last-minute accommodations. Congrats to Christine Y. Chong for the release of your new book, 2Masters, and to Dusty (Scuttlebutt Ink) for selling out of books on Saturday. Caught up with Super Art Fight boys: Nick & Marty, Dern, and Rosscott Nover. Looking forward to kicking ass at the upcoming M.I.C.E. show!

And finally, hello to Pat Lapierre, Bea Bravo, Stevie Wilson (Black Forest), Dr. Pikman, Gina Biggs (Red String), Brion Foulke (Flipside), Jen Brazas (Mystic Revolution), and Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties); sorry we didn’t get to talk more, but you know how this con goes. (BTW, if you aren’t checking these guys out, you should be!)

And finally, thanks once again to Michele, Stefan, Dario, Joe, and Kevin for all your help with sales and for playing support staff behind the scenes! Otakon has traditionally been a marathon of a convention, since Artist’s Alley stays open until midnight. You guys made it so much more bearable!

And most importantly, thanks to everyone who came by the booth and gave Paradigm Shift a look. You guys make all of this possible!