October 13th, 2010 | filed in News

NYCC Report

NY Comic-Con was great! I always enjoy visiting the Big Apple. After a bit of a rough start setting up on Thursday,

I hooked up with my awesome roomie, Carla Speed McNeil, and got our hotel situated and took off for a fantastic Mediterranean dinner at a snazzy joint called Ilili (really, say it out loud – it’s fun!)

My very patient neighbors were Contradictory Ed on one side, and The Multiplex’s Gordon McAlphin & Freewheelin’ Liz Baille on the other. Thanks for being such a good neighbors and putting up with my nonsense.

"Don't. Just don't." After a somewhat slow start on Friday, things really kicked into high gear on Saturday. Thankfully, the cavalry was called in. First, my friend Michele (who cosplayed as Kate!) came through and acted as a very capable sales & booth helper, all while pulling it off in character, no less! Then, I was unexpectedly descended upon by four gentlemen I met at Otakon a couple of years back. In exchange for a couple of extra badges I had on hand, they came back on Saturday to help pass out cards, sell books, handle money, fetch coffee, water & such, and generally save my bacon. I even had a chance to get up walk around. On Saturday! It was crazy good. Thanks again to Dario, Stefan, Joe, and Kevin for being such great sports on such short notice. And once again, Thanks to Michele for the great costume, acting, and assistance! You all were fantastic Deputies!

And lastly, thanks to everyone who came by, looked at art, bought books or just chatted. You’re the reason I can keep doing this thing. You rock!

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