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Next Steps

Meant to type this earlier. I wanted to add that I have been feeling much, much better this week. As I said before, I’m in my final official week of healing. The trick going forward is to prevent future injury.

This week I’ve been focusing on re-organizing my studio to make tweeks recommended by my Physical Therapist. Some of it is little stuff, like simply implementing some new equipment, changing the angle of my desk, but some of it is big. Taking the opportunity to reorganize from the ground up, tossing out old junk that’s been accumulating over the past ten plus years of working from home, moving furniture around so I don’t feel so trapped in my work. Going through the comic collections, re-categorizing things on the bookshelf. Tossing out (or donating or boxing up) stuff that doesn’t inspire anymore. Generally affecting to my physical space the sort of reorganizing that I’ve been doing inside my own head over the past two months.

The net result is good so far. Still have some things to clear off, but it’s taking shape. I’m feeling more and more ready to come back to real life again. Starting tomorrow with an appearance at M.I.C.E., the super awesome little small press show run by the amazing folks at The Boston Comics Roundtable. Had I been in a better mental state I would have been making more noise about this, but right now I’m just happy I can show up and mingle with the good folks in BCR again. I’ll have my last few copies of PS Volume 2 left, but mostly I’ll just be happy if you come by and say hello.

Going forward I’m going to be doing some family things for the next couple of weeks, traveling to West Virginia and Ohio. I’ll also be doing a guest speaking appearance at Tsubasacon in a couple of weeks in Huntington, West Virginia. Aside from M.I.C.E. it will be my first real return to the world after all this. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing the world a bit again.

Once I’m back in mid-October, I hope to have the studio back up and running and will have a better idea how my work is coming back. I’ll try to be more consistent at updating the blog between now and then. At least writing has become easier in the time I’ve been away.

In any case, hope to see some of you at M.I.C.E. tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Next Steps”

  1. Ian says:

    Glad to have you back, Dirk! Have fun with the family.

  2. Marelia says:

    im reading this kinda since it started. I usually dont comment but i felt the need to say (in my horrible english sorry for that im from germany^^;):
    First of all im glad to hear you feel much better now.
    I also want to express that im absolutely behind you new update plan, which seemes to be screw the plan! Very good. :D
    You should never kill the fun party of something you do for fun its right, true and a certain way to stay mentally healthy. :3
    And i for my part think the readers like me will totaly survive your new shedule. *G*
    Glad you plan to finish the comic tho im very exited to learn whats coming next, great work with the comic so btw. :)

  3. GimiGlider says:

    Glad to hear your condition is improving, and that you’re re-organizing! (something I can’t do, my room is still filled with stuff from grade 7(I’m currently in Gr ade 9). Have fun, and have a good time. Take as long as your arm wants before updating, your health matters more than us!

    p.s. I’m from Hong Kong, and I really like your accurate references to it…:D

  4. Dave S. says:

    Hey Dirk,

    Great seeing you again at MICE yesterday! Thanks for taking all the time to chat about the industry (as it were) with me, and for the Photoshop pointers. You are spot on in your editorial about the pitfalls of labors of love and inspiration turning into a monetary means of survival. My more than three decades as an illustrator have demonstrated that to be painfully true. Best of luck with rediscovering the joy of creation and forging ahead post-injury. You have one of the most solidly-produced comics online, that’s for sure!



  5. Cindy says:

    Glad to hear that you’re doing better! Have a great time in VA and OH and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks! ^_^

  6. warhawk says:

    Welcome back from the dead :p glad to hear your recovery is in final stages. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination, but I know well on how drawn out (no pun intended) recovery from injuries can be. I’m just glad to hear something, it being positive is simply icing on the cake. I can tell you that I can’t wait to see how this situation turns out, and Kate go Wolfie again. Just be careful and don’t rush it too fast and muck up the healing that has taken place.

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