September 11th, 2004 | filed in News

New PS updates resume on Monday!

At long last I’m finally getting back to the comics in a real way. Watch for a new scene of PS Part Two on Monday. I just entered it into the ModernTales database, so it’s ready to go! At long last my hiatus will be over! Woohoo!

While my life hasn’t entirely calmed down to a dull roar yet, I am finding time in between everything else to get back on the ball. It also helps that the conventions this summer rekindled my confidence. I needed that greatly.

Keep in mind, I’m still only going to be updating about once a month or so, but they’ll be 4-6 pages at a time, so they’ll be worth the wait. As always you can read the whole scene on ModernTales, but I’ll be updating the free page on this site weekly, a single page of the scene every week to use as sort of a countdown to the next scene.

So, watch for the new scene on Monday, and then another in October.

Back to it!

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