March 8th, 2005 | filed in News


Oh my lord, what a weekend! Had a great time! I just got back this evening.

Very interesting to go to a con so close to my hometown. There needs to be more cons in St. Louis.

Thanks to everyone who came by the table, especially those of you who were kind enough to buy a book. I hope you enjoy them! Now I have to get back to working on Part Two. =)

Hello to Shannon, Richard, Carlie, Caitlin, Neko P, Heather, Mandi, Bob, Emily, Steve, Steve, and Steve! I had fun and interesting times with you all!

All in all, a very successful convention. Sold another 37 books and lots of commissions. As always, if you got a commission from me, I’d LOVE to get a scanned copy so I can post it in the gallery. Just email me! I’ll post a few things that came back with me in the gallery soon.

You rock, St. Louis!


P.S. Back in the saddle on PS pages. Got one in the bag and should have another finished this week. Working!