July 5th, 2004 | filed in News

Happy Birthday, America!

Had a great 4th weekend downstate. Saw the family, some movies (Spidey 2 was really good – I recommend it), and generally relaxed. It’s only the calm before the storm, though. Big stuff on the horizon with all the conventions on the way.

I’m reposting the schedule so everyone knows where I’m going to between now and mid-August.

July 16-18thIkasucon at the Clarion Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ll have a table in Artist’s Alley that Friday and Saturday.

July 22-25thThe San Diego International Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. I’ll be at the ModernTales table in the main hall along with several of my MT sisters and brothers.

August 6-8th.Narbonicon! Details pending. If you love Narbonic, you should seriously consider this one. =)

August 13-15thWizard World Chicago at the Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The hometown con. Once again, I’ll have an Artist’s Alley table with my buddies Brian ‘BMAN’ Babendererde and Brion Foulke.

Also, I finally created a new CafePress store with new shirts and a poster for Paradigm Shift – Part Two. I may put some other stuff in there if I have time before I’m off, but we’ll see.

more soon!